Welcome to the Knight Order of Bloody Idiots

Qualifications for Membership
Member if this order shall be open from time to time to either:
- any member of the V.M.C.C. taking part in a Western Region Event
- a member of the Cotswold Section taking part in any V.M.C.C. event

In each case disporting himself with such disregard for personal comfort and well-being and in such a manner as to be noticed and commended to the Knights of the Order. By so doing and thus proving by his actions that he must be a real B.I. worthy of recognition, said member may be invited to his investiture as a Knight of the Order.

Insignia of the Order
It is conditional upon investiture that the member Knight of the Order currently holding the Insignia shall be required to wear this in full when attending any ceremonial or important social functions. It is further incumbent upon the holder that it shall be worn at the start of any competitive event and at the finishing thereof. Failure to observe this Rule shall entitle all fellow Knights present to claim beverages at the expense of said holder.

IT IS DECREED that, by way of advantage to the current holder and wearer of the insignia, the Subject may hold forth as he thinks fit at any length upon fits achievements - and some small licence for the embellishment thereof is permitted - when suitably applied with beverages by attendant peasantry.